Happy Green LA – About Us

We started just like many of you: folks that were looking for a great dispensary. Cannabis products have been a major, beneficial part of our lives for a long time. Seemingly forever, we’ve always been searching for the next new, great thing.
That said, we got tired of always having to drive out of Koreatown. Sure, we could have something delivered, but that cost a lot of money, too.

It just didn’t make sense that, for everything Koreatown has, it didn’t have a high-end dispensary. Well, when we got a chance, we decided to change all of that. Hence, “Happy Green.” We chose that name for many reasons.

For one, it’s simple.

It’s a dispensary. It doesn’t need some big, confusing name that grabs your attention or anything like that. “Happy Green” is the perfect name because it states our purpose: we have some amazing green products. They’re going to make you happy. Isn’t that what you’re looking for? That said, we didn’t want this to be “just another dispensary.”

There are so many dispensaries around that are just, well, dispensaries.

They have some great stuff to offer, sure. But, they don’t really look to offer the best. They’ll throw just any old thing out there and figure folks will buy it because it has marijuana in it, or it has really fancy packaging or something.
So, as enthusiasts, we wanted to be able to offer something that really was “high-end.” If we sell something at Happy Green, you can rest assured that we love it, that we stand by it. Moreover, you can rest assured we’ve used it. To us, to be “high end” is about more than just the products (even though that’s really important). It’s also about the staff, the facility, our budtenders, and so much more.

We’re proud to be able to welcome you to Happy Green.

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